You can now get 5G coverage on the top of Mount Everest

While braving the elements and testing the limits of their own endurance, intrepid mountain climbers on Mount Everest need no longer worry about their mobile download speeds.
A 5G station has been built on the north face of Everest at an altitude of 6,500 meters above sea level with coverage reportedly extending all the way up to the summit (8,848 meters).
In a curious collision of the new and old, a team of yaks helped to carry supplies to build the remote station which is the final in a series of stations going up the mountain.

Along with the yaks, the station was built with help from who else but Huawei.
The Chinese telecom giant has put itself at the forefront of 5G technology, inking contracts with Chinas three major carriers to build a nationwide 5G network.
Obviously, the Everest 5G base is more symbolic than necessary, demonstrating the strength of Huawei tech to other countries who have exhibited reservations about signing up with the company due to concerns over information security and privacy considering Huaweis close ties to Beijing.
Still with download speeds exceeding 1.66 gigabits per second and upload speeds of 215 Mbps on Mount Freaking Everest, surely foreign governments must now be convinced that the benefits outweigh any risks?



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