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With an area of 21,000 square meters, Hunan Yuelu Academy nestles at the foot of Yuelu Mountain in an elegant style. And this is today's pick of Amazing Hunan.

As one of the four most prestigious academies in China, with a history of 1000 years, Yuelu Academy is a famous institution of higher learning as well as a centre of academic activities and upholding cultures since it was formally set up in the ninth year of the Kai Bao Reign of the Northern Song Dynasty (976).

The Academy has witnessed a history of more than one thousand years without any disruption or dispute, thus earning it the title of a "one-thousand-year-old academy".

It is right here that the renowned "Huxiang School of Learning" based in the Li philosophy (the philosophy of principle) began to gain momentum when Zhang Shi lectured in the Academy in the Northern Song Dynasty. When Zhu Xi came here twice to deliver lectures, so popular became his work that the visitors exceeded the seating capacity of the Academy, due to which the water in the Yinma Pond (the Horse-Watering Pond) had to be drained by the horses to settle the audience. 

Today, Yuelu Academy, which has undergone numerous restorations, has been listed as a key historical site under the state protection. It still shoulders the responsibility of conducting academic researches and training professionals. A new chapter of the history of the one-thousand-year-old academy is being written.


Attention please:

This video was taken before the epidemic, and Yuelu Academy is currently not open.

If you want to go, please pay attention to the website of Hunan University, WeChat account or Yuelu Academy WeChat account. Also please obey the rules of other tourists attractions and make appointments in advance. All in all, please take care of yourself.



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