37 kids injured after security guards stabbing spree

With schools back in session following the coronavirus hiatus in China, it didnt take long for the semesters first mass stabbing of schoolchildren to occur.
A total of 39 students and staff were injured on Thursday morning after a security guard went on a stabbing spree at a primary school in Wuzhou, Guangxi.
Of those injured, 37 were students. While the students reportedly suffered only minor injuries in the attack, the two adults were more seriously wounded.
The attacker has been identified as Li Xiaomin, a 50-year-old member of the schools security team. His motive for the attack has not been reported.

Unfortunately, vicious attacks like these involving schoolchildren are nothing new in China. In the early part of the last decade, there was an extremely troubling string of incidents involving men bursting into schools and hacking down as many kids as they could.
More than a few of these incidents still occur each year.
With tight restrictions on guns in China, assailants are forced to use knives or cleavers to carry out their massacres. Officials have typically pinned the blame of these attacks on those with mental health problems who are looking for easy targets.
Last September, Chinas education authorities instructed kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools to strengthen campus measures while ensuring that there are sufficient and properly trained security staff.
Of course, whats the solution when its the security guards that are doing the knifing?



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