4-year-old boy survives falling from 29th floor of building

After being left home alone, a little boy is extremely lucky to be alive after falling from a tremendous height.
The 4-year-old boy, named Yang Yang, was left by his migrant worker parents in the care of the kids grandmother on June 8. However, during the day, grandma went off to run some errands for 15 minutes, leaving Yang Yang watching television alone inside their apartment building on the 29th floor of a residential high-rise.
While she was out, Yang Yang climbed onto the kitchen cabinet and fell out of the window, plummeting down more than 90 meters to the earth below.

Luckily, the kids fall was broken up by some trees and he landed in a flower bed. When he was discovered by his grandma, he was seriously injured but alive.
Yang Yang remained in critical condition for more than a week, suffering from shock, respiratory failure, broken ribs, a concussion, and a multitude of other injuries, but he is now awake and out of life-threatening danger.



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