6000 kg of wild animals buried alive in pit following ban

While Chinas recent crackdown on wildlife trade has been praised as a positive mood for the countrys long-suffering critters, it hasnt done much good for those animals who were already in the process of being raised for food or TCM.
Recently, nearly 6,000 kilograms of bamboo rats, porcupines, and snakes were disposed of in a pit outside the Hubei city of Xianning.
Video from the site shows workers pouring a bucket full of hundreds of bamboo rats into the pit before covering them in lime and burying them in the dirt.

A number of local governments in rural parts of southern China had encouraged the breeding of bamboo rats with loans and other support to help supplement the income of farmers in impoverished regions while also trying to turn the large rodent into a popular delicacy.
However, following the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese authorities froze the trade of all wild animals. In May, they released a new list of animals that could be categorized as livestock. Not on that list were porcupines, snakes, civets, and, of course, the bamboo rat.
Local authorities have now been tasked with how to get rid of these banned animals in an environmentally-safe, if not humane, way.



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