A Rare Opportunity| Student-Led Virtual School Tour @ Britannica

A Virtual School Tour at Britannica

We are exceptionally pleased that Britannica International School, Shanghai will soon be open for all year groups, from Early Years to Secondary, as of June 2nd. As the school is preparing and awaiting the government's consent to open its doors to prospective parents, we're excited to launch a brand new event.
Our next Open Day webinar will be different from all our previous Open Days, which will feature a live-streaming video initiated and produced by Britannica students. The video will, to a great extent, simulate a real school tour and highlight the quality and variety of our in-class activities since the school re-opening. 

The webinar will take place on the evening of June 9th at 7:30 pm, and will cover all phases from EYFS up to Secondary (age 2-18).

Registering for and attending this webinar is the ONLY chance to view this student-made Virtual School Tour video.

How to register

To register, please long press the QR below or click Read More at the bottom left of this article.

The school will be in contact shortly after we receive your registration, and the access to the webinar will be shared.

Reasons to join

Learn about the very best of British education and the talents of Britannica students through a webinar featuring a real student-produced video.
Parents who have registered for the webinar will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to meet the relevant Head of Phase either through an online interview or over coffee at an external site.
An  Offer  Letter will be issued to eligible candidates shortly after the meeting.
For parents who have registered for the webinar, the school will be in contact and provide exclusive access to a VIP online information pack, which contains information that is rarely open to the public.

What Makes Britannica Unique

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