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Yesterday was Father's Day.

Every child has his own story with his father,

the team leader of Jiangjun village of Housing Construction Bureau in Yiyang city, Xiao Fei, 

has a very special story with his father.



In March 2018, Xiao Fei volunteered to work with three other team members in Jiangjun village to help villagers improve their life quality and income . 

Over the past two years, the team has visited the village almost every day, investigated the villagers' life situation, they tried every means to increase the income of the village, and established a deep relationship with the villagers.


Xiao Fei's father, who is 86 and suffers from mild Alzheimer's disease, is taken care of by four brothers in turn. 

On June 1, in order to take more care of the elderly, Xiao Fei sent his father to the village, arranged to live a few steps away from Xiao Fei's workplace.



"In 2018, I failed to take care of him due to heavy work commitments. Now the poverty alleviation work in the village is on the right track. I want to accompany my father more ." Xiao Fei said with tears in his eyes.



To Xiao Fei's surprise, his father is willing to live in the nursing home, and greatly support his work. 

The staff member of nursing home also are respectful to his father, take good care of Xiao Fei's father, then Xiao Fei has more energy to work on poverty alleviation in Jiangjun village.



After work, Xiao Fei accompanied his father as much as he could: walking hand in hand, chatting with him, washing his feet and clothes, and often sleeping together in the nursing home.




From the day his father arrived at the village, there are more happy scenery in this village, and more touching story about a son with his father.




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