Adult experience centers offering shareable sex dolls

So-called adult experience centers () have been popping up recently in China, providing lonely men with some unsanitary companionship.The centers often do not have signs and are set up in short-term rental apartments. Inside are mostly bare rooms, boasting a bed and a shareable sex doll.
According to an investigation shared by The Paper, the centers mostly rely on migrant workers and online solicitation for their business.
When a reporter dropped by one establishment, he was told by owners that they didnt have to worry about government inspections because they had connections.
Upon conducting his own investigation, the reporter found the condition of the dolls to be as you would expect with a blacklight revealing all manner of streaks and stains.

These adult experience centers are largely located in large cities on the coast where migrants have come for work. There are reportedly four of them in Shanghai alone.
The owner of one establishment owner in Shenzhen said there is a huge market for sex doll businesses and that customers can spend 188 yuan ($26) an hour inside the rooms.
He says that 70 or 80 patrons used to visit his business each day but that business has been rough this year because of the coronavirus outbreak.



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