Auntie flops into bus from window after refusing to show QR code

A determined woman recently managed to board a bus without having her health code checked and ended up getting to ride in a police car.
Hilarious footage from earlier this month in the Heilongjiang capital of Harbin shows the auntie arguing with the bus driver through an open window after he refused to let her inside the vehicle without scanning her health QR code, as per city regulations.
The woman refused to show her code and also refused to allow the bus to leave, grabbing onto the door and later the window.
Eventually, she decides to make her entrance, squeezing her way through the window and tumbling face-first onto the seat as the driver starts mocking her. If you fell, no one would help you, you know that? he tells her.

The driver then refused to start the bus and instead opted to call the police who dropped by to give the woman a ride to the station.



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