Aunties dance on glass bridge, freak everyone else out

Two of Chinas signature elements, dancing aunties and glass-bottomed bridges, collided recently for fearful effect.
On a glass bridge at a scenic spot outside of Hangzhou, cell phone video footage shows a group of hyper-active aunties high-stepping to music, causing the bridge to shake up and down.
The movement alarms fellow visitors. As a security guard steps forward with his own mobile phone, someone can be heard shouting: Stop dancing! The bridge is going to break!

Worries about the structural integrity of Chinas many scenic glass bridges have been widespread over the years, particularly after one cracked from having a thermos dropped on it.
To reassure visitors, tourist sites have engendered various stunts like driving an SUV across their bridge or smashing it with a hammer.
Other scenic spots have gone the other way, sadistically scaring visitors by engineering illusions so that it appears their bridges are shattering underneath the feet of guests.



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