Beijing coronavirus outbreak is under control, Chinas CDC says

Following a few worrying days, Chinese officials now claim that they have the latest coronavirus outbreak under control in Beijing and that there will be no repeat of what happened in Wuhan.
Over the past week, Beijing has reported more than 150 new locally-transmitted Covid-19 infections originating from the Xinfadi market, the citys largest wholesale food market.
While 21 new cases were reported on Wednesday, Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a press conference on Thursday that Beijings epidemic situation is under control and that the number of new cases will drop in the coming days.
Wu noted that those cases currently being diagnosed were actually transmitted days ago, before Chinas capital started taking epidemic prevention measures.

These measures have included Beijing going into a partial lockdown with residents of medium and high-risk communities not being allowed to leave the city and all schools closing down once again.
Officials also say that they have conducted nucleic acid tests on around 700,000 residents, focusing on those people related to the Xinfadi market.
Wu added that if Beijing had not taken these measures to curb the spread, it could have been a repeat of Wuhan in January.



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