Beijing delays school reopening as 2 Covid-19 cases confirmed

Two more coronavirus cases have been reported in Beijing, causing the local government to suspend the reopening of classes for the citys youngest students.
On Thursday, health authorities in Chinas capital announced that a 52-year-old man from Xicheng district had tested positive for Covid-19. The man claimed not to have left Beijing or had any contact with someone from outside the city for the two weeks prior to him coming down a fever.
The case was Beijings first in 55 days.
On Friday, however, two more were reported, both of the patients are employees at the same food research center in Fengtai district. One had recently traveled to Qingdao while the other had no recent travel history.
While more than 500,000 first to third graders in Beijing were set to return back to school on Monday, officials have decided to postpone that reopening considering the rise in new cases.



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