Beijing reports first new coronavirus in nearly two months

Shortly after discharging its last coronavirus patient from the hospital, Beijing has reported its first new case in nearly two months.
The 52-year-old man, surnamed Tang, went to the hospital on Wednesday after coming down with a fever, Beijings health authority said at a press conference on Wednesday.
Its unclear how Tang was infected. He says that he hasnt left Beijing or had any contact with people from outside the city in the past two weeks.
At the presser, Beijing officials described the case as being alarming, reinforcing the need for continued vigilance.
Two close contacts have been put under conversation while all residents of Tangs community will receive nucleic acid tests.
Officially, his is the first domestic Covid-19 case that Beijing has reported in 55 days. The news comes shortly after Chinas capital celebrated the last coronavirus patient being discharged from the hospital and celebrating that there were no more cases in the city earlier this week.



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