Chengguan beat pet dog to death after spotting it not on leash

Video has hit Chinese social media showing yet another dog being beaten to death on the street by chengguan officers.
Chengguan are Chinas infamous urban management officers, tasked with enforcing various routine regulations in cities and known for their tendency to go overboard when dealing with petty misdemeanors.
In this case, two were filmed whacking a dog with metal poles until the animal stopped moving.
The unfortunate pup was the pet of one woman living in a residential community in the Hunan city of Yongzhou and had the proper papers. However, it was killed after running outside without a leash on and being spotted by the patrolling chengguan.

A sign in the neighborhood warns that those dogs not tied up will be killed. Still, Chinese netizens have wondered if there might not be a slightly more humane way of dealing with this issue.



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