China says it has conducted over 90 million coronavirus tests

Showing that no one does big numbers quite like China, a Chinese health official has announced that 90.41 million nucleic acid tests have been conducted across the country since the coronavirus outbreak began earlier this year.
Guo Yanhong, a National Health Commission (NHC) official, added at a press conference on Wednesday that China had upped its testing capacity to a whopping 3.78 million tests per day, marking a 200 percent increase from the situation back in March.
To put these numbers in some perspective, the United States, where Donald Trump claims to have created the best testing in the world (though, he thinks testing is overrated), has carried out 29 million tests so far and has averaged around 478,000 tests a day this month.
From these tests, the US has diagnosed 2.42 million confirmed cases while China has reported just 83,430, fewer than in countries like Qatar, Bangladesh, and South Africa.

For some additional perspective, its worth noting that China has not previously said much about its overall testing numbers or capacity, only highlighting certain campaigns like the one in Wuhan last month where 10 million people were tested in 18 days following the discovery of a small cluster of cases.

This recent ramp-up in testing comes amid another campaign in Beijing where a larger Covid-19 outbreak at a wholesale food market caused authorities to shift things into overdrive, testing more than 2 million people in a 10-day span while looking to raise the citys capacity to 1 million tests per day.



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