Colgate is finally reviewing its racist Chinese toothpaste brand

A Colgate toothpaste brand may soon be going the way of Aunt Jemima in the first sign of Black Lives Matter reaching China.

Extremely popular in China and across Asia, the Darlie brand was originally called Darkie until a much-needed name change in 1989. However, its Chinese name is still Black Person Toothpaste ().

Meanwhile, the brands logo remains the same since its inception in Shanghai back in 1933 a white man in blackface with a top hat and bowtie, an image inspired by the comedian Al Jolson.

Colgate acquired Hawley & Hazel, the maker of Darlie, back in 1985, leading to the partial name change in the wake of public outrage but no other changes for the last three decades.

Thanks to the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, Colgate has been finally forced to take a second look at the racial sensitivity of Darlie, telling reporters that it is in the process of reviewing all aspects of the brand.



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