Donkey destined for slaughterhouse saved by passersby

A donkey recently managed to save its own skin by crying and kowtowing, moving the hearts and wallets of passersby.
Video from a street in the Jilin city of Changchun shows a condemned donkey that had been loaded into a truck bound for the slaughterhouse seeming to do all that it can to escape its fate.
As a crowd gathers around, the donkey repeatedly shakes its head up and down, appearing to kowtow to the audience. Its eyes also look wet from tears.
Witnesses believed that the animal was begging for its life and decided to grant that wish. Together, they managed to gather up 9,000 yuan ($1,200) to buy the donkey.
It was then taken to the home of a friend by one of those in the crowd where it was taped eating alongside some new friends.

While kowtowing may have worked for this donkey, its not always a foolproof method for saving ones life.
Back in 2015, a runaway pig became famous online after it was spotted kneeling outside of a temple in the city of Wenzhou. However, in a cruel twist of fate, the holy hog was re-captured by its owner and sent off to the slaughterhouse before its owner learned of the pilgrimage.



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