Dragon Boat Racing Activities in Hunan

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Many traditional customs and activities are held on the specified day by people in China. Dragon boat racing and eating Zongzi are the mostly-observed of the festival. In some regions in China, people also wear a perfume pouch, tie five-color silk thread and hang mugwort leaves or calamus on their doors.

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Miluo is known as the Origin of Dragon Boat Festival, and Hometown of Dragon Boat Race. It has organized the annual China (Miluo) International Dragon Boat Festival for 12 consecutive years.

During the upcoming festival, three theme activities will be held: Duanwu-themed art performances; Miluo international dragon boat race; and, the opening ceremony of Qu Yuan Cultural Park.

These activities are hosted by the Central Commission for Guiding Ethic and Cultural Progress, and undertaken by the Hunan Commission for Guiding Ethic and Cultural Progress, CCTV-7, Hunan Broadcasting System, the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee, the Yueyang Municipal People's Government, the CPC Miluo Municipal Committee, and Miluo Municipal People's Government.

Dragon Boat Racing to Be Held Along Miluo River

Venue: Yueyang Miluo River International Dragon Boat Race Center
Date: June 25 (May 5th on the Chinese Lunar Calendar)


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