Dude rams his mistresss car off second floor of parking garage

A married man in Shanghai has been convicted of several crimes after wrecking his mistresss car in a drunken rage last year.
Early one morning, the man, surnamed Zhou, drove his wifes car over to the parking lot where his mistresss vehicle was parked, as seen in surveillance cam footage.
He then proceeded to ram his car into the parked vehicle twice with the second collision smashing the (rather flimsy) wall in front and sending the parked vehicle falling from the second floor.

When Zhou was arrested, he was tested and found drunk. Zhou attempted to spin this to his advantage, claiming that he had fallen unconscious at the wheel and had not meant to hit his mistresss car.
However, that argument was quickly dismissed by watching the surveillance tape where Zhou hits the vehicle not once but twice while also avoiding all other cars.
This week, he was convicted of crimes including intentionally destroying property and dangerous driving.



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