Fat dog freed from bench after 10-minute rescue operation

It was certainly not one dogs day recently after he slipped and got stuck in a park bench, requiring the labored efforts of a group of people to become free again.
The large labrador was relaxing with his owner at a park in Beijing several days ago when he accidentally slipped through a gap in the bench and became stuck.
When his owner tried to rush to the rescue, she quickly found herself unequal to the task because of the weight of her pup. Fellow park-goers came over to lend a hand but also struggled to solve the predicament.
It reportedly took more than 10 minutes for the humans to finally rescue the dog from the bench. Cell phone video footage of the rescue operation shows at least five or six people standing around the bench pushing and pulling as others film.

The owner blamed the whole ordeal on her dog being not only fat but clumsy. We maintain though that he is a good boy who probably enjoyed all the attention.



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