Fish surgically removed from mans rectum after he "sat on it"

A man recently arrived at a hospital in Guangdong province, complaining of some severe abdominal pain.
Doctors at the Zhaoqing First Peoples Hospital performed X-rays on the 30-year-old patient which quickly revealed the problem  there was a fish shoved up his butt.
When asked about how the creature came to find itself in that location, the man claimed that he had accidentally sat on it.
Skipping over that excuse, surgeons then focused their attention on extracting the fish from the mans bowels in an emergency endoscopy that was filmed and uploaded online for the whole world to see.

The fish was identified as a Mozambique tilapia. The species can grow up to 39 cm. They have long dorsal fins including spines which ended up causing some damage to the mans intestines.
Its unclear if the animal was alive or dead when it was accidentally sat on, but it was certainly deceased following the experience. Reportedly, the fish was extremely smelly when it was pulled out of the guys guts, causing the medics to retch.



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