Heres how Chinese universities are teaching swimming class now

Coronavirus epidemic precautions have caused universities in China to adopt some unusual methods to teach their students to swim.
At one university in Chengdu, students enrolled in a swimming class were instructed to bring their own washbasins to the poolside where they would lay down and practice breathing techniques under the guidance of their teacher.
The teacher explained that while regulations prevented students from getting in the pool together at this time, he could still teach them to overcome their fears of the water via this method.

Meanwhile, students at a university in Heilongjiangs Qiqihar are having their swimming class taught online.
Videos have gone viral from the class where students were encouraged to mimic swimming strokes on their beds, keeping their webcams on so that their classmates can offer critiques.

It remains to be seen if Chinas national swim team will adopt any of these methods.



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