Hoping to cure his constipation, man shoves live eel up his butt

After suffering for a long time from constipation, a man from Dongguan in Guangdong province decided to try to find relief in a live eel.
The man, who is in his fifties, had heard that shoving an eel up ones rectum could help with bowel movements. So, he went to the market, bought an eel, and decided to give it a shot.
Unfortunately, the home remedy did not cure his constipation and instead left him with a 40 cm long eel wriggling around inside his digestive system.
Somehow, the guy waited five days before going to the hospital. By that point, the eel had done serious damage to his insides, rupturing his sigmoid colon and causing severe contamination to his digestive tract and septic shock.
Quickly, doctors performed surgery and extracted the eel. They said that if they had waited much longer, the man would have died The eel, meanwhile, was dead when it was pulled out.

This actually isnt the first time that someone in Guangdong province has tried this constipation remedy. Back in 2017, another man nearly died after the eel he shoved up his ass burrowed through his intestines.
Recently, there has been quite a trend of men shoving things up their butts for various reasons. One guy got a chopstick stuck up there while using it to poke at his hemorrhoids. Another had to have a fish surgically removed from his rectum after claiming to have accidentally sat on it.



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