Info about metro line 3 & 5 | 3/5


The photo, taken on June 27, shows the East Martyrs Park Station on the Changsha Metro Line 3. (Photo/Li Jian, Hunan Daily)



The Changsha Metro Line 3 and Line 5 open for trial operation on June 28. The two lines are major vertical and horizontal underground arteries of Changsha. The phase-I project of Line 3 and Line 5, together with the Changsha Metro Lines 1, 2 and 4, make Changshas metro network upgraded from a cross shape into a Union Jack one.

The Changsha Metro Line 3 and Line 5 are colored green and yellow, respectively. The two lines, together with the red Metro Line 1, blue Metro Line 2, and purple Metro Line 4, form a colorful Changsha metro network. All the gates of Metro Line 3 and Line 5 allow QR code payment. All trains have cold and warm carriages for summer, and all stations are equipped with facilities such as baby care rooms.


The Metro Line 3 (Phase I) is a main line running from southwest to northeast of the Changsha metro network, with a total length of 36.5 kilometers. It starts from Shantang Station in Yuelu District in the west and \n

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