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Recently, Beijing has reported a number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. The situation of epidemic prevention is still very severe.

How can passengers 

successfully arrive in Changsha from Beijing?

Changsha south railway station

At present, there are more than 10 high-speed trains from Changsha to Beijing every day. Passengers arriving at Changsha railway station from Beijing must have their temperature checked and show their health codes.CLICK IMAGE BELOW FOR HEALTH CODE GUIDE

Changsha Railway Station

All trains from Changsha railway Station to and from Beijing are direct trains and express trains. Passengers arriving at Changsha railway Station from Beijing must have their temperature checked and show their health code.

Changsha Huanghua Airport

If the passenger is from a low-risk area in Beijing, has a healthy green code and the body temperature of the passenger on the same flight is normal, the passenger can go through the security check.
On the other hand, if passengers are from medium or high-risk areas in Beijing and cannot provide a green code or if their body temperature is abnormal, they will be tested and quarantined.

Overseas passengers coming into Changsha

Changsha CDC reminds overseas passengers: if you really need to return to Changsha, please contact with your community 48 hours in advance,report and provide your true personal situation; Try to avoid countries and regions with severe epidemics in the travel route; If there are foreigners travelling with you, please report 48 hours in advance and help them to go through the formalities of temporary residence registration with the local public security institution within 24 hours after their arrival.

When arriving at the port of Entry, he/she shall actively cooperate with the entry health inspection, truthfully register the information, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention staff of the disease control and relevant departments to implement the corresponding isolation and testing measures.
After entry, if you have a fixed residence or work place in Changsha, please contact the work unit and the local community (village) as soon as you arrive; If not, please contact the community (village) within 24 hours after arrival through the inviting organization and hotel, and complete the information registration.

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