Loyal dog waits on bridge for days after watching owner jump

Hearts across China have been touched by the story of a devoted dog who waited for nearly a week on a bridge in Wuhan for its departed owner to return.
The dog was with its human on the night of May 30 on the Yangtze River Bridge and watched as the owner jumped over the brides railing and plummeted towards death.
For days afterward, the loyal animal remained standing guard on the bridges pedestrian passage.
During that time, a kind-hearted local resident, surnamed Xu, noticed the dog and attempted to feed it. However, the poor pup refused to eat, drink, or be moved.

Finally, on June 5, Xu put the dog in his car and took it back to his house. Unfortunately, it wasnt long before it had run away.
Xu posted about what happened on social media, catching the attention of a local animal group that immediately started searching the city for the dog. Sadly, it has not yet been found again.



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