Man gets chopstick stuck up his butt while poking at hemorrhoids

In other rectum-related news out of China, an elderly man visited the hospital in Hubei province last month, complaining of a pain in the butt.
After arriving, the 68-year-old man from the city of Xianyang underwent an X-ray scan which revealed the source of the soreness  a metal chopstick stuck up in his guts.
Surgeons managed to remove the utensil without too much hassle.

As for how the chopstick got up there, the man explained that he was poking around at his hemorrhoids but apparently got a bit carried away.
The attending doctor told reporters that a case was very rare.
At least the guy was honest enough to provide a reasonable explanation for having stuck up his butt, unlike the gentleman who recently accidentally sat on a Mozambique tilapia fish and had to have surgery to get it fished out.



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