Man walks 950 km to visit family because he couldnt get on bus

Without a smartphone to confirm his health status, a man who wanted to visit his family in another province was left to walk the enormous distance.
Following the coronavirus outbreak, those wishing to use public transportation in China must show their health QR code via an app on their smartphone to show that they are not infected with Covid-19 or not be allowed entrance.
Seeking a change of scenery, a middle-aged uncle in Anhui province decided earlier this month that he would go to live with relatives in neighboring Zhejiang province. However, because he did not own a smartphone, he was barred from public buses.
Undeterred, the man, surnamed Ge, decided to walk. After trekking for about half a month, he was spotted on the side of the road by a friendly truck driver. Upon learning his story, the truck driver took him to get some food and offered to drive him the rest of the way.

However, Ge refused. Explaining that he didnt want to be a burden, Ge said that he was fine with sleeping in the park that night and continuing his journey the following day.

Unable to convince Ge, the truck driver ended up posting the mans story online, attracting the notice of many netizens including Ges family back in Anhui, who drove out to retrieve him.
In total, Ge had walked from Bozhou city in Anhui province to Taizhou city in Zhejiang province, a distance of more than 950 kilometers.



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