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Welcome to "NO OOPS". Today we would like to discuss difference between  ci and ji.

Join us and lets make your Chinese perfect!

The adverbs ci and ji both means just in English.

Part I

When  ci and ji  are placed after the time words.

(ci) is usually collocate with a verb, indicating that in the speakers opinion, the action happened late, or went on slow or unsatisfactorily.

For example:

8din shngkt 9din ci do.


The class starts at 8:00, but he didnt arrived until 9:00.

--to emphasis the speaker think he arrived late

W yng le lingge xiosh  ci  zuwn zuy.

It took me two hours to finish my homework.

--to emphasis I finished my homework slow

Zhge t  tinnlew hule 1ge  xiosh ci  zhdo dn


This question is too hard,it took me 1 hour to work out the answer.

--to indicate that the speaker think it is not easy to work out the answer.


For example:

8din shngkt 7din ji do le


The class starts at 8 am, but he arrived at 7:00.

--to indicate the speaker think he came early

W mimei yng le 15fnzhng ji zuwnle zuy


It just took 15 mins to finish my homework.

--to emphasis she finished her homework fast

N yzh wngqinzu ji ky zhodo Zhngguynhng le

Go straight then you will find the Bank of China easily.

(--to emphasis its easy to find the bank).

Part II

(ci) and (ji) can be used in a sentence together indicating comparison.

(ci)  indicates a smaller quantity, extent or a low ability.

(ji) indicates a large quantity, extent or a high ability.

In this case:

N mi le 10bn sh ci hu le 200 kui , w mi le y bn sh ji hu le 200kui

10200 , 200

You only paid 200 for 10 book ,but I paid 200 for one book.

Now lets move to the exercise time:

Please answer the following questions as follows with  (ci)or (ji),  and you can post your answer to our comments.

For example :

Now its your turn.

Please feel welcome to post your answer or your own sentences in our comments.

See you next time!

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