Patient stabs doctor for not managing to cure his ED

Doctor continues to rank as Chinas most dangerous profession with another physician being viciously attacked by a patient.
While typically doctors at Chinese hospitals are beset by angry family members after failing to save the life of a loved one, in this case, the problem was erectile dysfunction.
A 55-year-old man, surnamed Yin, went to a hospital last November in the Henan capital of Zhengzhou complaining of impotence. A urologist, surnamed Meng, treated the patient.
However, the treatment did not solve Yins issue. Instead, he came to believe that the doctor had contributed to his ED and decided to launch an attack.
On June 22, Yin entered the hospital, pretending to have arrived for an appointment. Instead, he tracked down Meng and wielded a knife to stab him a dozen times before being restrained.

Meng was left in critical condition following the attack but is now stable following an emergency operation. Meanwhile, Yin has been detained on attempted manslaughter charges.



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