Pet lovers and children rejoice!

When was the last time you got to cuddle a cute ball of fluffy canines? If it has been a while, this is a perfect opportunity to admire our best friends and, when appropriate, give them a little pat!
Shanghai Centre is organizing a day of furry love for adults and little ones alike. The event is especially suitable for dog owners who are looking to learn an extra tip or two on how to train and interact with their pets.

All the pet love and education

You will have a chance to meet the fellow dog lovers, get to know more about the training opportunities in Shanghai and learn about pet care.

This free event (prior registration required) is also to celebrate the recent childrens day and everyone knows that the cutest mix in the world is kids and dogs.

During the day, you will get to witness a special live dog show for children put up by the famous pair of Baozi and Mantou. No, not the streetfood carbs, the soft white canines that have been featured in TV series and commercials in China and abroad.

One of the white clouds, Baozi, is celebrating her birthday, so be sure to join the party.Besides all the fun, pet owners will have a chance to learn from an international dog trainer, Dennis Schenk, who will share some tips on building rapport with your pet.

Dogs are also often a choice for therapy pets, so you will get to hear from the famous Wuqi studio trainer Mr. Wu, who will talk about Animal Assisted Therapy, will teach children how to properly touch animals and let them experience the fun company of therapy dogs.

Besides interacting with the pet lover community and making new human or furry connections, you will be entertained by the talented singer Celine Ong. The first 50 registrations will receive a goodie bag upon arrival!

Pet Lovers Saturday & Childrens Day Celebration
(free, registration by QR code or email ([email protected]) required)

Shanghai Centre Plaza
1376 Nanjing West Road
June 6, Saturday


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