Stalker rushes on stage to propose to actress Dilraba Dilmurat

A man has been detained after an extremely unsuccessful and unwelcome marriage proposal to a celebrity on live television.
During a Hunan TV variety show on Sunday evening, the man managed to rush up onto the stage and get down on one knee with a diamond ring in front of actress Dilraba Dilmurat (aka Dilireba ), one of Chinas biggest stars.
Fortunately, the events host, Wang Han, acted quickly by stepping in between the two and having the crew pull the guy off stage. The man appears to have been wearing a staff pass.

On Monday, Dilirebas official fan club released a statement, explaining that the man had been stalking and harassing the actress for half a year, including attempting to sneak into her trailer on more than one occasion.
This also wasnt the first time that hes proposed to her. Keeping his options open, hes also reportedly proposed to Chinese actress Wang Luodan () as well.
The fan club added that the man had been taken into police custody. They have also asked the studio to increase security.



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