Tanker truck blows up on Zhejiang expressway, killing 20 people

At least 20 people have been killed after a tanker exploded near an expressway exit outside of Wenling city in Zhejiang province on Saturday afternoon.
Shocking footage of the blast shows a massive fireball flaring up from the road before erupting over a large swath of area.

According to investigators, the initial blast sent the tanker flying into a nearby workshop which resulted in a second explosion.
The explosions damaged passing vehicles as well as residential buildings and other factories in the area. Here are some images of the destruction:

The tanker was transporting liquefied petroleum gas. Officials say that no obvious signs of pollution have been detected in the air or water around the disaster site. The cause of the incident has not yet been determined.

In total, 20 deaths have been reported and nearly 200 people have been hospitalized.



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