Test run for maglev prototype with top speed of 600 kph

Chinas ambitions of getting you from Shanghai to Beijing even faster continue to buzz right along with the maiden test run of its ultra-fast maglev prototype.
The maglev is designed to reach a top speed of 600 kph, however, it didnt test its limits on its inaugural run.
Footage from the test track on Sunday shows the vehicle rolling along at a leisurely pace through Tongji Universitys Jiading campus in suburban Shanghai.

The 600 kph maglev project was initiated back in 2016 with CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co. leading development while receiving help from Chinas Ministry of Science and Technology. It was projected at the time that a prototype would be ready for testing by 2021.
For comparison, Chinas fastest conventional bullet trains at the moment have a top operational speed of 400 kph while the Shanghai Maglev whisks travelers to the Pudong Airport at speeds of up to 431 kph. The typical cruising speed of a passenger plane is around 880 to 926 kph.
While 600 kph might seem like an ambitious goal, in fact, we already know that maglev trains are capable of reaching such speeds.
In April 2015, Japan broke its own speed record with a maglev that topped out at 603 kph. However, commercial operation for such trains is still a long way off with concerns about the infrastructure cost of building lengthy maglev tracks, not to mention safety issues.
Maglev is short for magnetic levitation. Instead of directly running on fossil fuels, these types of trains run on magnets and electric currents, smoothly gliding above the track. Its hoped that they may some day provide a more environmentally-friendly mode of high-speed travel.



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