This 14-year-old basketball player with one arm will inspire you

A 14-year-old boy in Guangdong province has become Chinas latest basketball star after showing off his insane handles despite having only one arm.
Zhang Jiacheng lost his right arm in an accident when he was just five years old. However, he hasnt let that misfortune stop him from pursuing his dreams of becoming a basketball star.
Two years ago, Zhang started playing basketball as part of a training program. Wed say that hes gotten pretty good.
Video has gone viral on Chinese social media of Zhang playing one-on-one against some professional players that are much bigger than him. To score on them, Zhang puts on a dribbling exhibition that has drawn comparisons to his idol Kyrie Irving.

Zhang has since started his own Douyin and posted more clips of his play, earning more than a million likes.
The teen has drawn the notice of Chinese basketball stars like Yi Jianlian who wrote The heart, is always the strongest part of the body on his Weibo account after watching one of Zhangs clips.
Meanwhile, the general manager of the Chinese Basketball Associations premier powerhouse, the Guangdong Southeast Tigers, has declared that he will invite Zhang to visit the team and watch home games once the season starts back up.



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