Top virus expert says a Covid-19 vaccine may be ready by fall

Chinas leading respiratory expert has expressed his optimism that a Covid-19 vaccine will be ready for emergency use by this autumn.
Zhong Nanshan, who has been heading the countrys coronavirus battle, gave this opinion on Saturday at a live-streamed medical conference held by Baidu. He noted that while China has done a good job of containing the initial outbreak, the solution remains mass vaccination.
His timeline is the same as one expressed by Chinas CDC director Gao Fu who said in April that a vaccine may be ready for use in emergencies by September and for regular use by early next year.
Zhong added that six potential vaccines are currently undergoing clinical trials on the Chinese mainland.
On Sunday, Wang Zhigang, Chinas minister of science and technology, reiterated Xi Jinpings promise to make any proven vaccine a global public good accessible to all across the world and affordable for developing countries.



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