Train forced to stop by woman on tracks while on cellphone

A woman in Sichuan province recently managed to stop a train through the force of her own carelessness.
Footage from a railroad crossing in the city of Ziyang shows a train being told to halt by a worker as a woman comes walking down the tracks from the other direction while talking on her phone, apparently oblivious to the oncoming train.
The woman keeps walking on the tracks for a bit until finally responding to calls from people waiting at the crossing. She quickly hops off the track and continues with her call.
Reportedly, this section of the train track is mainly used for transporting goods and usually runs at slower speeds inside the city.

While this woman escaped unscathed, cell phone addiction has turned fatal in the past in China.
In 2017, a woman focused on her phone missed a step while walking down the stairs from a pedestrian overpass in the Anhui city of Suzhou. The fall caused serious head injuries and she passed away the following morning at the hospital.



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