WATCH: Massive sandstorm engulfs Xinjiang city in minutes

The Xinjiang city of Hotan was recently hit by one heck of a sandstorm, turning the whole place an eerie orange in minutes.
Footage from Hotan shows cars being forced to come to a halt as thick dust blocks out the sun, severely reducing visibility as a police officer in a mask gamely goes on trying to direct traffic.
Other clips show a heavy haze hanging over buildings in the city and a giant wall of sand moving towards it.
Local residents said that this was the harshest sandstorm they have seen in quite some time.

The city of Hotan is an ancient oasis town that has always dealt with sandstorms because of its location right on the edge of the vast Taklimakan Desert.
However, extreme weather events have been getting worse in recent years because of the deforestation of the surrounding area.



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