Woman makes millions by taking insurance on delayed flights

A woman has been arrested by police in Nanjing for getting rich off the tendency in China for flights to take off late.
The 45-year-old woman, surnamed Li, booked hundreds of flights from 2015 to 2019. She had no intention of actually taking these trips. Instead, her only goal was to purchase flight delay insurance to turn the flight into a money-making opportunity.
Before buying the insurance, Li would analyze local weather conditions and online reviews to judge which flights would be most likely to be delayed or canceled.
In this way, she booked over 900 flights in those five years, using her name as well as the names of her friends and family members and made a whopping 3 million yuan ($423,000) in the process.
Unfortunately for Li, her scheme eventually caught the attention of the authorities. On Friday, police in Nanjing announced that she had been arrested on fraud charges.
According to The Paper, Lis scam has caused some Chinese travel service providers to fix the loopholes that allowed her to get rich, inserting amendments to policies including that the flight must actually be used for the compensation to be paid.



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