Woman smashes plane window mid-flight after getting drunk

A woman has been arrested after smashing a window while in a drunk and distraught state on a plane that was cruising along at 30,000 feet above the ground.
The 29-year-old woman, surnamed Li, had downed two 250 ml bottles of baijiu before boarding the Loong Air flight from Xining to Yangcheng last month. Police said that Li had been drinking because she had just been dumped by her boyfriend.
On board the flight, Li lost control of her emotions and started punching one of the windows of the plane. Footage from the cabin shows flight attendants attempting to calm the crying woman.
A photo shared by police shows how Li had managed to crack the window.

The plane was forced to make an emergency landing about half-way through its journey at an airport in Henan province where Li was promptly arrested.
Her blood alcohol content was measured at 160 mg / 100 ml.



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