Woman viciously rams kid with bike for picking up trash on roads

A disturbing video has hit the Chinese internet of a woman beating up a little girl, evidently for picking up the garbage that she herself had thrown onto the street.
In the viral clip, the woman is on her bicycle while the child is walking on the side of the road. When the kid bends over to pick up some trash, the woman proceeds to ram into her three times with her bike.
After the girl persists and puts the piece of rubbish into a plastic bag, the woman reacts by angrily yelling at her and slapping her in the face three more times.

The details of this incident are unclear at the moment. The woman may well be the childs mother.
Netizens strongly suspect that the woman had discarded the trash on the ground and felt like she lost some face when the little girl tried to pick it up so she opted to attack her?



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