Workers forced to do push-ups while having water poured on them

In their pursuit of success, Chinese companies continue to think of new and more cruel ways of torturing their employees.
The latest example comes from a real estate agency in the Henan city of Luoyang where video shows an employee being forced to do push-ups while having water poured on his back for failing to meet sales targets.
After the footage caused an uproar online, the agency involved claimed that it was an old video and that the company no longer condoned such punishments.

Chinese companies have a well-documented habit of taking extreme measures to ensure that their employees are meeting their sales targets, including spanking them on stage, forcing them to eat bitter gourd, or to drink piss.
Most recently, a company in Guizhou encouraged its employees to work harder by making them eat live earthworms or else face a 500 yuan fine.



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