Wuhan doctor whose skin turned dark from coronavirus dies

A doctor in Wuhan has passed away after a months-long medical fight beginning when he contracted the coronavirus while working at the viruss original epicenter.
Hu Weifeng, a urologist at the Central Hospital of Wuhan, was infected with Covid-19 in January as he was treating patients during the beginning of the outbreak.
The 42-year-old doctors condition quickly turned serious with him being put on life-support in February. He was reported to be on deaths door as his skin turned dark due to liver damage.
One of Hus colleagues, Yi Fan, experienced similar serious symptoms. In March, the severe condition of the two doctors prompted nationwide concern.

While Hu did manage to fight back from the brink and was recovering, he tragically suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on April 22. After recovering again, he suffered another one on May 29.

On Tuesday morning, health authorities announced that he had finally passed away after an extremely difficult four-month battle.
Hu is the sixth doctor from the Central Hospital to die from the coronavirus. Another one of his colleagues was Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower who was reprimanded by police for sounding early warnings about the virus.
Li passed away from the virus on February 7. More than a month later, he received an official apology.



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