21 dead after bus veers off road, plunges into reservoir

Chinas annual gaokao sessions have gotten off to a horrific start in Guizhou province where a public bus veered off the road and into a reservoir, resulting in at least 21 people dead.
Footage of the incident shows the apparently out-of-control bus cross a road perpendicularly across traffic before smashing through a guard rail and plunging into the body of water.

Around 100 firefighters and more than a dozen divers were dispatched to aid in rescue efforts.
Photos from the scene show the bus being hoisted up from deep in the water after being entirely submerged.

Following the crash, 21 people have been reported dead and 15 taken to the hospital with injuries.

On the bus were some high school students who had just finished with the morning session of Chinas nationwide college entrance exam which kicked off on Tuesday following a one-month delay caused by the coronavirus outbreak.
According to the latest reports, at least four of the passengers on the bus were students. Three suffered injuries while one died.



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