3-year-old girl & grandma beaten with shovel in revenge attack

An extremely hideous crime out of Hebei province has left the Chinese internet completely horrified.

Highly disturbing surveillance video from outside a home in the city of Baoding shows a shirtless man beating an elderly woman on the ground with a shovel before turning the weapon on a toddler, bashing her five times before striking her grandma once more and leaving the scene with another man.

The elderly woman died from the gruesome beating while the 3-year-old girl is in the ICU.

According to local media reports, the reason for this attack was a car accident several months ago where a man named Wang Haibo was driving his boss on the highway.

Both were injured in the accident. While Wang paid 40,000 yuan ($5,700) for his bosss medical expenses, the bosss family remained aggrieved and continued to harass him.

On the morning of July 16, they paid a visit to Wangs home. While he was not there, his mother and daughter were.

The case has quickly gone viral on Chinese social media with shocked netizens calling for the shovel-wielding relative to receive the death penalty.



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