9-year-old kid shoves dart up his butt while playing at home

A curious 9-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital recently after shoving a dart up his butt while he was left playing unattended at home.
An X-ray scan at the hospital in Haian, Jiangsu province shows the small pointy object inside the boys lower body. Doctors said that it easily could have perforated his small intestine and caused bleeding or infection.
Doctors performed an emergency colonoscopy which found the dart embedded in some feces. They then gave the kid some medicine to help induce a bowel movement, carrying the object back out the way that it came in.

Its not clear why the kid thought that shoving the dart up to his butthole was a good idea but he could have following the example of his elders.
Recently, a man in Guangdong province shoved a live eel into his anus in a misguided attempt aimed at curing his constipation while another guy had to have a fish surgically removed from his rectum after claiming to have accidentally sat on it.



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