Anhui county forced to postpone gaokao after massive floods

Students in the Anhui county of Shexian are going to have to wait a bit longer for their future to be decided.
Delayed by a month because of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinas nationwide college entrance examination, known as the gaokao, kicked off on Tuesday across the county, apart from in Shexian where heavy rainfall prevented students from reaching testing sites.
Photos from the county show cars half-submerged in river water flooding local streets.

Considering that only about 500 of 2,000 students had managed to arrive at their testing sites by 10 am on Tuesday morning, local education officials were forced to postpone the days tests to a latter date.

The gaokao is a grueling exam that Chinese students spend their whole young lives preparing for. It acts as the main determining factor in where they will go to university and what they will be allowed to study, thus playing an overwhelming role in deciding their future.
It is spread out over two days and is very rarely postponed. The second portion of the exam plans to go on as scheduled in Shexian on Wednesday.



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