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Its one of the things that makes us most happy, that we always have so many students who study Chinese very hard, insisting on it year after year. We can feel they have a passion for learning Chinese and understanding China and its culture. So, we interviewed some students, and hope their experiences will be helpful to you!

Let us introduce Gaby to you!

Since March 2018, she has embarked on the road of learning Chinese and has never stopped learning and pursuing. With many twists and turns in her life, she still embarked on the road of hsk5 in June 2020, and did not stop.
She has two hours of class every week, no matter online or offline, nothing can stop her from moving forward


When did start to learn the Chinese language (Mandarin)?  How would you describe your Chinese at that time and now?


April 2018. My Chinese has improved greatly. From zero till beginning of HSK5 and a decent listening comprehension and speaking abiltiy.


Why did you start learning Chinese?          


I wanted to be able to understand the culture of China better and to communicate with people here, make local friends and maximise my learning opportunities.


How do you feel about learning Chinese? Is it difficult or interesting?


I think it is very interesting! I love it. It makes me feel good. I love my teachers. I just miss having Chinese corners and other activities, as well as maybe getting more chances to practice some grammar points in class.


How did your classes progress with Chinese Surfing? Were they helpful?


Incredibly so. I am very happy with my progress. I feel like I may need teachers to bring the structures out we are learning for me to practice in the context of our classroom conversations. But I believe the school is great and so are the teachers.


What challenges did you encounter in learning Chinese? How did you overcome them?


Writing and pronunciation were the worse. But thanks to peer support, hard work, CS workshops and lessons and practice I have become more comfortable with it.


Do you have tips for effective online/offline learning?


Quizlet and Chairmans Bao are two of my favourite resources.

Then, I just try to speak and listen as much as I can. I do not always have time for books and films in Chinese but I try to provide myself listening and reading input in this manner.


What do you think of the teachers and service at Chinese Surfing?


They are wonderful! Very accommodating, friendly, approachable and professional.


Do you know other Mandarin learners in your offline environment? How do you practice Mandarin?


I practice Mandarin mostly with my teacher, my Chinese friends and my colleagues at work, as well as through daily interactions.


Whats your learning goal?     


Just gaining fluency and being able to communicate well in a wide variety of contexts. 

At my stage I would appreciate being able to communicate in a working environment in Chinese, but that is about time.


Whats your favorite Chinese phrase, trivia, or character?


w hi sh g hizi.

I am still a child.

w de shxu sh ty losh jio de.

My math is taught by the physical -education teacher.


What changes have you discovered from learning Chinese?


I feel like I understand Chinese culture, Chinese people and China a lot more. I am way more flexible and open minded and my language learning ability has improved because Chinese is very different from the other languages I can speak.

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