Beijing tests 11 million residents in less than a month

In the wake of a massive epidemic prevention campaign, Beijing officials say that they now have a local coronavirus outbreak firmly under control after it spooked everyone last month.
The outbreak originated from the sprawling Xinfadi market, Beijings largest wholesale food market, in early June and resulted in at least 334 confirmed Covid-19 cases, marking Chinas biggest coronavirus spike in months.
In response, city officials put many areas of the city on effective lockdown while residents were prevented from leaving the Chinese capital without a really good reason.
Meanwhile, authorities began to trace cases and test residents, starting with those in high or medium risk areas. In less a month, 11 million Beijing residents received nucleic acid tests.

Over the last week, the number of diagnosed coronavirus cases in Beijing has been in the single digits each day. Only one new infection was confirmed on Sunday.
Considering this trend, officials have declared the situation stable and have begun loosening restrictions, allowing most residents to travel out of the city again. Currently, only one community is still designated as high risk.



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