Boy cant move arm, hand after playing computer games all day

A 15-year-old boy in Guangxi was hospitalized earlier this year with a stroke after using his time off school to go on an epic gaming binge.
With the coronavirus pandemic causing schools across China to close in February, the teen, named Xiaobin, spent most of his day inside his bedroom with his door closed and his window closed
When his apparently extremely gullible parents questioned him, Xiaobin told them that he was busy taking online classes and did not want to be disturbed.
In fact, he was using every waking hour to play games, an unhealthy lifestyle that resulted in some extreme health problems after a month.

Xiaobin was taken to a hospital in the city of Nanning after he collapsed to the floor. When he woke up, he was unable to move his arm or his hand. Doctors determined that he had suffered a stroke.
The doctors explained that the stroke was likely caused by Xiaobins lifestyle, which featured little exercise, nutrition, or sleep. His mother told reporters that she discovered that her son had only been sleeping two hours a night.
Xiaobin is now undergoing rehab and is beginning to recover some movement in his arm and hand, though it remains unclear if hell make a full recovery.



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